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What is Virtual Studio?

Virtual Studio sample image Virtual studio or virtual set is a tool, which allows placing live actors or other real objects in graphically generated three-dimensional (3D) environments for live production, the actors will perform in front of a blue or green screen background.

Virtual studio originates in attempts to overcome the constraints of traditional chroma-keying. The problem is that camera motion in the foreground layer is not correlated with the background layer image.

Virtual studio systems operate by compositing live blue screen shots with 3D graphics that are generated in real time and synchronized with motion camera. The static background of traditional chroma-keying system is replaced by a dynamic, computer-generated, three-dimensional background. The foreground camera is then free to move but must be tracked so that the background can be generated with the proper view.

Basir Virtual Studio System

Basir Virtual Studio System not only contained all components and properties of a real-time Virtual Studio but also it support some optional properties as followed:

  • Up to 4 billboards in the virtual environment which can demonstrate movie or logo.
  • Animation in computer generated virtual scene as background.
  • Virtual shadow for real objects.
  • Reflection of the floor.
  • Supporting Virtual Camera for Virtual zoom, or position or orientation movement.
  • External tracking system.