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An introduction to Vehicle Speed Detection system

The advance of technology can provide better solutions to the increasingly difficult problems of road traffic. Excessive speed is the major cause of road accidents worldwide. In order to combat traffic offences and reduce the huge number of live lost, Police Forces have been provided for many years with vehicle speed detection systems.
A vehicle speed detection system is commonly used for detecting the speed of passing vehicles and saves an evidence file for a vehicle which speeds up. We have lots of speed detectors based on different technologies, but with the increasing power of processors the image processing based solution is the best solution from quality point of view.

Basir VSD

Nowadays, Basir represents a high-tech system making use of a pair of invisible eye-safe cameras. Basir VSD is an image processing based speed detector that detects the speed of vehicles using advanced video processing methods. Our System uses an image processing calibration unit which determines the exact parameters of our speed camera. This unit extracts these parameters dynamically and adjusts itself with any road situation. In the second stage, Basir VSD uses a strong feature extraction method merged with a tracker system to calculate the speed of passing vehicles with high accuracy. The system uses a high-resolution digital camera to take an overview image that contains driver’s picture as well. The overview image (with high-resolution), highly legible license plate image, license plate text, lane number, measured speed, incident time, and other information are merged together as the evidence, and are saved in a secure and encrypted digital form.

What can Basir VSD do?

  • Detecting vehicle speed with 97% accuracy
  • Ability to detect vehicle speed in the range from 10 to 250 km/h
  • Detects speed of multiple vehicles passing at the same time
  • Functions in every lighting condition even in total darkness
  • Functions in extreme weather conditions
  • Can be used as a concrete evidence in legal judgments
  • Ability to send data and image over LAN or wireless devices
  • Ability to measure the road traffic
  • Ability to recognize the vehicle type
  • Detects the lane of each vehicle and can use different speed thresholds for each lane
  • Ability to save the image and plate number of vehicles
  • Supported with an LPR with more than 90% accuracy
  • Ability to calculate the mean speed of a vehicle between two stations. (Average Speed Detection)