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PetroViz 3D Visualizer

PetroViz is a software application that can import, manage and visualize petroleum upstream data, including horizons, surfaces, faults, wells, grids and measured properties.

PetroViz is extremely simple and fast. All experts in an upstream oil and gas company can visualize upstream data in 3D on their desktop PCs.

PetroViz is developed based on Basir Technology's dedicated software platform for visualizing scientific data. It provides a full OpenGL-accelerated environment for viewing and interacting with upstream data easily.

PetroViz Unique Features

  • PetroViz is portable software i.e. it needs no installation or configuration and can be run by just one click.
  • Consists of one single executable file i.e. PetroViz.exe.
  • Needs no software or hardware requirements and can be run on any pc with Windows XP operating system or later.
  • Load/Save all model data from/in a single model file.

PetroViz Capabilities

  • Import/Export common industry-standard file formats.
  • Visualize points, lines, surfaces and grids in 3D.
  • User can interact with 3D views by mouse (zoom/rotate/pan) or keyboard (navigation).
  • Visualize data in multiple views simultaneously.
  • Change various visual settings of visualized objects in real-time.
  • Filter grid and well measured properties.
  • Manipulate model data using model tree view.

PetroViz Roadmap

  • Connect to companies' databases and visualize data.
  • Visualize special data in various upstream contexts such as geophysics.
  • Display various 2D and 3D diagrams.
  • Select visualized objects and view related information.
  • Edit detailed model data using visual tools and data tables.
  • Clip visualized objects and display intersection view.
  • Display animations for some special data.
  • Perform calculations and generate new data.
  • Display stereo views by using 3D glasses.
  • Support other operating systems such as Linux, Mac and iOS (iPad and iPhone).


You can download and try latest version (demo version with limited features) from here:

PetroViz v0.9.6