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An introduction to Vehicle License Plate Recognition system

دوربین های تشخیص پلاک خودرو دوربین های تشخیص پلاک خودرو

License plate number is one of the most suitable pieces of information available for recognizing a vehicle’s identity. A license plate recognition system (LPR) is a completely automated system that can extract passing vehicles’ license plate numbers through utilizing image processing techniques. In order to use this system, there is no need to equip vehicles with additional devices (such as GPS, RFID tags, etc). An LPR system uses special cameras to capture an image of a passing vehicle, and then transfers the image to sophisticated software for processing. These systems have a wide range of applications in traffic control and security management fields.

LPR Applications

  • Monitoring roads, bottlenecks, and borders; and providing immediate reports in cases of stolen vehicles.
  • Vehicle access control to designated areas (such as parking lots, or traffic zones) based on license plate number with the ability to connect to the gate for opening and closing.
  • Logging accurate and complete traffic information
  • Automatic collection of road and highway tolls

What can Basir LPR do?

  • Process color and infra-red camera images
  • Function in every lighting condition even in total darkness
  • Accuracy rate of 96%
  • High-speed processing (less than half a second)
  • Ability to use two cameras simultaneously
  • Detection of various plate types
  • Ability to function at vehicle speeds up to 250 Km/h
  • Customizable reporting system based on time period, plate number, etc
  • The first operational LPR system in Iran

Basir LPR architecture

LPR Our efforts and endeavors, together with the usage of advanced software and hardware solutions have led to the unprecedented development of Basir LPR system in Iran. Basir LPR is comprised of both software and hardware components. The system’s most important hardware component is the camera being used to capture images. It is worth noting that in order to overcome different lighting conditions and acquire sharp images in total darkness, infra-red cameras can be used instead of normal color cameras. The software component specifies the plate location in the image, then determines its type and further splits it into characters, which are then read to complete identifying the plate number.

Basir LPR clients include:

  1. Iran Police
  2. Islamic Republic of Iran Broadcasting (IRIB)
  3. Tehran Municipality
  4. Pasargad Bank
  5. National oil company

More information can be found on this brochure or this persian one.