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Basir Tracker

Basir’s image processing based tracking system is one of the most cost effective and simplest tracking systems available on the market. This tracking system is based on proprietary algorithms developed by Basir image processing group.

Basir Tracker system extracts the camera parameters including X, Y, pan, tilt, roll, and zoom from the video signal itself. It is compatible with all types of studio camera and lens and is an ideal solution for studios because eliminates the need for tracking equipment mounted in the studio and on the camera.

Basir image processing based tracking system utilizes traditional blue or green screen chromakey techniques, although it uses a screen that has a special pattern with two colors having the same hue. The system captures the video and extracts the required information by processing the video signal.

The image processing algorithms developed by Basir require that only a small portion of the screen be visible by the camera for adequate tracking to take place; and with that portion alone, Basir system identifies the camera’s pan, tilt, roll, and field of view parameters.

Features of Basir Tracker:

  • Compatibility with any studio situation
  • Unlimited camera movement as long as 5% of the grid is visible at minimum.
  • Supports multi camera production
  • No need for extra sensors in order to extract the camera parameter

Intermediate Result samples: